Regina Mundi (OLA) Private School, Asaba was established on 7th January, 1967 by the Missionary  Sisters of our Lady of Apostles with the approval of Bishop Kelly SMA of the then Catholic Diocese of Benin.

The school started as a Nursery School beside St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital, on the present location of St. John Bosco Catholic Church. The primary objective of the school was to improve the educational standard of the local community, which would further buttress missionary activities in Asaba and environs.

Sr. Dominica Geary, was the pioneer Headmistress of the School. She used buildings which had originally been part of the Seminary compound. She worked with three teachers—Regina Egwunyenga, Lucy Onyeka and Esther Onyenuchine. The number on roll then was sixty -five (65).

In August 1967, due to the crisis of civil war, the School closed. It re-opened in 1970, still as a Private Nursery School with forty-five children. Sr. Canice Roche was responsible for the school management during this period. Among other OLA Sisters who worked in the school as headmistresses and teaching staff during the early years were Sr. Winifred Carr and Sr. Ann Cashman.

In 1984, Sr. Stella Marie O’Sullivan took charge of the School as Headmistress. She was assisted by Sr. Justina Obamwonyi who arrived the same year. In the year 1985/86, Sr. Stella Marie O’Sullivan in collaboration with Sr. Justina Obamwonyi and the teaching staff began the Primary Section on the same site. On 26th March 1986, permission and approval for a full Nursery/Primary school was obtained from the Government Education Board, Asaba.

As the number of children increased, the Nursery I, II and Primary sections were moved to the present location of the School (183, Nnebisi Road, Asaba). Only the Nursery III class was left at the old site due to inadequate classrooms in the present site at that time. Sr. Patricia Okwegba and thereafter Sr. Catherine Devane, arrived in the School during this period, at the transfer of Sr. Justina Obamwonyi. They both continued to teach in the Nursery Three classes on the old site. However, in 1990, Sr. Catherine Devane retired home to Ireland.

In 1991, still under the administration of Sr. Stella Marie O’Sullivan with great support from Sr. Patricia Okwegba, Sr. Lucy Otusanya, Sr. Pauline Gaiya, 11 teachers and 6 assistant teachers, the School managed a population of 645 pupils. The major problem then was the separate location of the Nursery Three class (KG 3) from other classes. The creation of Delta State in August 1991 came with the necessity to develop and improve on the structures of the School to accommodate its teeming population and the large number of pupils seeking admission.

The process for the construction of the first two-storey building of the school began in 1993  with Sr. Stella Marie O’Sullivan (OLA),  before she was called up for another mission, thus she handed over to Sr. Celestina Nevoh (OLA) who with Sr. Patricia Okwegba continued the construction of the first two – storey block.

In 1994, Most Rev. Dr. Anthony O. Gbuji graciously gave the school to the OLA Sisters in Perpetuity. This was in answer to the request made in 1990 by Rev. Sr. Mary Anthony Ogunkorede (The First Provincial Superior, Nigeria Province) when the OLA sisters became a Province.

In August the same year, Sr. Celestina Nevoh left and Sr. Gladys Chikere took over and she put finishing touches to the building. This, in a sense, marked a re-birth of the school, a bringing together of its disparate units and an establishment of a distinctive ethos which is sustained to the present. It is pertinent to note that the first two – storey building was erected under the supervision of Late Engr. Amaechi Chizeaa task he carried out in charity.

In December 1999, her work accomplished, Sr. Gladys handed over leadership to Sr. Fidelia Anumba, who was assisted by Sr. Comfort Ogbanje and Sr. Victoria Ogbu. Under her leadership, the school’s population increased to a total of one thousand two hundred (1,200) pupils, thirty-six (36) teaching staff and thirty-eight (38) non-teaching staff. Such large numbers required further development, and so Sr. Fidelia Anumba initiated the construction of a second two-storey building. However, the building was constructed under the supervision of Sr. Gladys Osagie, who took over from Sr. Fidelia Anumba in September, 2002. The second two-storey building comprised an Office of the Sister in-charge, a Computer Laboratory, Library, School Hall, Pre-Nursery classrooms, and all the classrooms of primaries four and five. In addition, the Nursery Three classes were moved from the old site to the present location. This brought much relief for parents, management and staff. Provision was also made for a Day Care Centre in the first two-storey building for nursing mothers who were staff.

During the 2004/2005 academic session, Sr. Martina Mmagu assumed the mantle of leadership and oversaw the development of the Day Care Centre such that it catered not only for staff mothers but also for parents willing to abide by the school’s calendar. Sisters that assisted Sr. Martina Mmagu were Srs. Agnes Adepoju, Blessing Umeloh and Mercy Osuji. In November 2007, Sr. Justina took over the leadership and was assisted by Srs. Winifred Diagboya, Dorothy Ezike, Grace Awhansu, Moriah Jacob, Mary Anne Dedewo and Monica Ukwa. She in turn was succeeded in leadership role by Sr. Felicia Mesu, who was the Head Teacher from 2014 to 2019. She was assisted by Sisters Patricia Okwegba and Blessing Amodu.

Sr. Alice Chifong assumed the mantle of leadership in 2019, She is assisted by Sr. Patricia Okwegba and Sr. Blessing Amodu.

Besides, the works of the different leaderships the School got great supports from other sources during the development stages especially in the construction of the first two-storey building. We are indebted to:

- Most Rev. Anthony O. Gbuji the then Bishop of Issele-Uku Diocese.

- Rev. Fr. Anthony Akubeze who was the Bishop's Secretary then, now Archbishop of Benin   Archdiocese.

- Late Msgr. Christopher  Chukwumah

-Late Engr. Amaechi and a few others who assisted the school in sourcing for fund in and around the country.

 From the foregoing, it is obvious that much work was done to bring Regina Mundi (OLA) Private School, Asaba to its present state. We sincerely thank God for what the school is today. However, we must know that the work has not ended because life is dynamic and not static.