Education is the process of learning and knowing, which is not restricted to our School text-books. It is a holistic process and continues through our life. No wonder the O.L.A. Sisters’ policy on Education,   ‘’In O.L.A. Schools, we do not only train our children, we endeavour to foster education that will last throughout their lives’’.

 Our responsibility here is to develop the whole child- socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually. Teach a child the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22: 6).

The first time a child is introduced to formal education is in School. Schools are institutions that lay the foundation of a child’s development. They play a key role in developing the child into responsible citizen and good human being. It is in school that young talent is recognised and nurtured. It is on this premise that we train our children, not only to read and write but they are given all round education. Hence, extracurricular activities are built into the scheme of work to give the pupils holistic education and to aid their physical growth and development. Only the best is good for them. They are our joy, our crown, the very reason why we work so hard. And so we do not compromise their education. We give them the best. It does not matter where they come from, whether their parents are peasant farmers or ministers; all children are made to feel equal and treated as such.

The O.L.A. Sisters (Our Lady of Apostles Sisters) who run this School, recognise the fact that there are some children in public schools and villages around who would like to partner with the school but for lack of support therefore from time to time, children are picked from some primary schools and parishes around to Regina Mundi and are placed on full scholarship in the School and are treated like every other child on the compound. NO DISCRIMINATION. We partner with both the poor and the rich.