Mid-day prayer (Angelus) is said at 12 o’clock in honour of the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ. The 3 o’clock prayer for mercy is also said every afternoon. We end each school day with prayer, appreciating God for all the successes and failures recorded and commending ourselves to his care as we journey home. It may interest you to know that parents, pupils and staff have respect for prayers. This can be seen from their actions. When general prayers such as the Angelus, Divine Mercy prayer and closing prayers are intoned by the Chapel prefects, parents, staff, pupils, and in fact, all visitors remain where they are until end of prayer. To further prove their love and solidarity for the School, Pupils who are not Catholics compel their parents to buy them rosary and other items for prayer.

It is the desire of Catholic parents that their children receive the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist before they leave for secondary education. This activity is usually done at the end of the school year, that is, during the end of session’s Thanksgiving Mass. This is a sort of relief for parents as catechism classes are conducted so that parents will not need to pass through the hurdles of rushing to parishes at the end of the school day for catechism classes. Both Pupils and parents look forward to this celebration. Parents whose children are in primary 5 and are yet to receive get anxious and agitated and do every necessary thing to ensure they receive before leaving the school. No wonder it became a very serious issue when there was a change on the days of catechism. Prayers were offered, appeals were made to bring the class on a day that will be convenient for all. I thank God sincerely for answering this prayer.

As a Catholic school, all Holy days of obligation, feasts and solemnities set aside by the church are observed. All these are done to keep them abreast with the teachings of the church.