This gives parents an opportunity to meet with their children’s teachers because they are actually not allowed into classes in the morning and afternoon when they come for school run and even when they do, the teachers may not have the time to pay attention to parents’ requests or vice versa. Open Day is the day to assure the teacher that he has the parent’s full support and cooperation in the upbringing of the child. Parents during open Day ask questions and clarifications are made; such as

  • Is my child able to get along with others?
  • Does my child participate well in group/class activities?
  • What are your observations about my child?


A positive parent /teacher relationship contributes to the child’s school success. The teacher is the second most important person in the life of the child after her parents. A healthy parent /teacher relationship helps the child feel happy and eager to learn. It helps the child to trust the teacher because the parents do. Parents need information about what and how their child is learning (progress made) and the teacher needs feedback from the parent about the child’s academic and all round development.  All these are taken care of during the Open Day. Through this medium parents get ideas/information from school on how to help and support their children with the school’s academic program and how it works.      

Families and teachers each have unique knowledge about a child. How will the teacher and family see the whole child if they never hear the unique perspective that only the other can provide? These interactions between the school and parents are continuous and ongoing and may have a lifelong effect on a child. Parents are advised to find time to come around for Open Day because it is vital for the optimal care of the child.